Useful Tools

Here, we’ve put together some useful tips and tricks to help you along every step of the way while visiting Alaska. Locals and seasoned travelers have some pretty handy tips to keep you safe and enjoying every minute of your vacation!

Tips From a Local

New To Hiking

If you’re relatively new to the wonderful hiking experiences you can enjoy in Alaska, take heed of this advice from an Alaskan. Be sure to not hike alone, especially on unfamiliar terrain and hiking trails.

Rather go for guided tours as most of us know that Alaska is huge and full of wildlife including grizzly bears. Along with your trails, you may come across the enormous furry creature unexpectedly and the guide of your tour will be able to assist you in making sure you are not harmed by the bear. After all, they are trained for this kind of thing for a reason.

Keep Those Road Tripping Snacks Hidden Well

Bears love food, especially if they find the food in weird places like your car. These guys don’t just take those breakfast bars, they will break into your car and take what they want and leave your car in a pretty bad state too.

A Seasoned Traveler’s Advice When Visiting Alaska During the Summer Months

Extended Daylight Hours

You can expect up to 20 hours of daylight during the summer in Alaska. Yes, that means you don’t have to worry about driving in the dark late at night. It is more than likely only going to get dark at around midnight. More time to do awesome activities!

Gas Stations and Bathroom Breaks

If you’re road tripping around the beautifully scenic state, there aren’t as many gas stations around as one would expect. So, keep the gas tank full at every opportunity you get which includes taking those bathroom breaks while you’re there.

Be Prepared For Weird Weather Changes and Taking Pictures

Make sure your camera is fully charged on every trip you take, not only are there breathtaking views just about everywhere you go but you might spot a moose family or two. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

The mornings can be quite chilly but as the day goes along you will find it getting warmer. Dress in layers so you can strip down as and when the weather begins to warm up.