Enjoy a Once in a Lifetime Experience in Alaska!

The biggest city in the state of Alaska is Anchorage which is why most transportation modes leave from Anchorage itself. The state has been divided into four regions as Alaska is huge. If you’re vacationing here, it’s best you spend a minimum of seven days in Alaska so you can get a glimpse of a bit of everything in each region.

The major national parks can be explored in Anchorage such as the Denali National Park. Perhaps you would like to visit the tallest peak in North America – Mt. McKinley. You can find the greatest scenery and hiking trails in the Kenai Peninsula.

Take An Independent Journey

If you want to avoid the crowds and go on your own adventure, be prepared for the extra planning of your trip. You have to budget carefully so you can visit unique Alaskan destinations and most places are only accessible by planes or boats.

What To Do

You can go on guided activities like river rafting, glacier hiking, and dog-sledding. Choose small ship cruises so you can get up close to those icy glaciers, the marine wildlife, and visit the smaller ports and bays.

Take a land tour on a helicopter into Anchorage or rent a car to drive through the scenic rural highways. Be sure to stay at roadside lodges and your hosts will be happy to give you ideas on where to head to next.

The best tourist attraction for visiting Alaska is to see the gorgeous Northern Lights in Wiseman. The best time to see this rare beauty is during the winter months of September to April. It’s a natural phenomenon which the night sky boasts with pure colorful lights on the clearest of chilly nights.

If you are wise on your spending, try and visit Alaska out of peak season times. Accommodation is cheaper but the food is still as fresh and good as ever!

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